James Campbell

Ecology & Informatics


29 Oct 2019

Color Negative Films - A Comparison of Exposure Ranges

A quantitative comparison of exposure ranges from common 35mm color negative films.

14 Jul 2019

Power Spectral Density for Bioacousticians

A brief visual explanation on how power spectral density is calculated, intended for bioacousticians.

03 Nov 2018

Installing opencv with ffmpeg support in Anaconda3

A quick guide to building and installing opencv 3.4.3 from source and linking to an Anaconda3 python distribution on Ubuntu 16.04.

01 Sep 2018

Installing LineageOS on a new Moto G5s

A comprehensive guide to unlocking the bootloader, rooting, and installing LineageOS on a new Moto G5s.

23 Jun 2018

Setting Up Your First Static Build in Qt (Ubuntu 16.04)

A novice guide to compiling Qt from source to run static builds.

24 Mar 2018

GNURoot debian and openbox on a Lenovo Yoga Book

Guide for running a lightweight linux GUI on an android tablet for editing latex documents saved on git repositories.

11 Feb 2018

Distributing TMB code in R packages

A brief tutorial on distributing multiple Template Model Builder (TMB) models within an R package.